Our Main Features

Cloud-Based Healthcare System

  1. Patient Data/Financial  Data/Consultants/Robotic Surgeons & all other secured data shall be stored at cloud in secured manner and can be retrieved on demand.
  2. Telemedicine/Telesurgery centres shall be connected to cloud & tertiary care hospitals/consultants for instant advice or surgery.


    The data of global consultants shall be on the cloud. A doctor at SMC shall be able to instantly connect to a consultant from any speciality. Who shall be able to see the doctor and the patient at SMC, see the patient investigations & examine the patient remotely. The language translation system (Text speech translation)shall help global dialogue between the consultants, patient and doctors at SMC.
    Consultants shall receive a virtual patient from SMC in the form of Electronic Medical Record In which complete patient information shall be available Like History, Examination & investigation, in audio, visual and text format. This EMR file can see much faster in about 1 minute with quality diagnosis as a consultant has patient information in superior digital format.
    Extra patient examining capacity can be channelized to unserved rural areas where there is a paucity of doctors – Without producing extra doctors.


  1. Telemedicine Centre shall have a complete diagnostic set of digital equipment interfaced with computers for capturing patient information in the audio – visual text format like (Digital ECG, X-RAY, ENT Scope, Ophthalmoscope, Video Scope, Stethoscope etc).
  2. There shall be interactive video conference so that the global consultant can speak to the patient, see the patient & see his examination being done & talk to the doctor at the satellite medical centre (Telemedicine or Telesurgery Centre).
  3. State of art Telemedicine Centre & Telesurgery/Robotic centres with Pharmacy & medicines delivery system with the help of drones.


  1. The system has the surgical operation system too, where a remote robotic consultant can conduct surgery at the robotic surgical centre. The instant speech and text translation are incorporated in the software where the patient’s speech and text (language) can be translated into the consultant’s language & vice – versa.
  2. A consultant of any speciality (surgeon or Physician) based in any country can provide instant healthcare consultation, to any patient in any country without loss of time.
  3. Robotic surgeons based in any country in a tertiary care hospital can perform remote robotic surgery, through patient-friendly telemedicine & telesurgical centre.
  4. Telesurgery Centre: (Robotic surgeon) based in any tertiary care hospital in any part of the world can conduct robotic surgery, using the robotic console, from anywhere in any tertiary care hospital on a remote patient in a Telesurgery centre.


Online Pharmacy (Superstores)/medicines delivered by drones:

  1. Warehouse with wholesale prices, low cost generic medicines shall be connected to Telemedicine & telesurgical Centres for two way communication so that the prescription can be transmitted on line in a authenticated manner.
  2. Warehouse can charge payment online and get medicine delivered to home through drones thus reducing costs further.


Online Payment System

  1. Every Telemedicine & telesurgical centre shall have an ATM where a patient shall make payment through cash/card or bank transfer.
  2. The payment received shall be credited online to our central account. From there the payment shall be transferred to Doctors/ Telemedicine centre franchisees/telesurgical Centre/consultants/robotics surgeons/institutions in India and abroad/ other vendors or tax department, as per formula fed in the system.
  3. Thus there shall be an automatic payment collection & disbursement system.


  • World class healthcare anywhere any time at a low affordable cost- patients pay less.
  • Connecting global consultants (speaking any language) and doctors to the Patient at a friendly Digital Medical centre & to the home-based patient- speaking a different language.
  • Healthcare will be more objective than subjective as of today.
  • Safe medico-legal records.
  • Self-employment: A digital medical centre shall act as a set platform for doctors to work anywhere any time, with continued medical education & flexibility to work as per their need.
  • Doctors earn more, with self-employment & continued medical education, a global up gradation of healthcare infrastructure /knowledge.
  • Robotic surgery: Extensive use shall make robotic surgery technology cheaper, with surgery perfect, low downtime of patients, low pre-operative & post-operative complications and patient downtime.
  • Over a period of time, surgery can be customized and perfected for a patient by a software developer, and CD can be delivered to the patient, to deliver it to robotic surgery for conducting surgery.
  • Self-financed, self-managed privately funded & managed infrastructure.
  • New state of the art healthcare infrastructure at no or minimal cost to the government.
  • Upgradation of existing healthcare infrastructure.
  • Self-employment for doctors & well-paid employment for paramedics.
  • Deficiency of doctors in rural areas finished, world-class healthcare shall be available instantly, without any time/distance/cultural or language barrier. Healthy people – Healthy minds – Healthy nation.
  • Safe and new business opportunity with high returns.
  • Online bulk business for generic medicine improves the cost of production, reduce marketing /sale cost/ reduce transportation /warehousing costs.
  • Low-cost Generic medicines shall be stored and distributed out of large warehouses with the help of drones, thus bringing down the cost of medicines drastically.
  • Superior data for research.

National Presentations and Awards

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